I wanted to confirm all of you that there aren't any celebrities here and if they claim to say they are one, DO NOT trust them because they aren't
I also want to clarify that this account is just a fan account for aespa's Giselle so if you think I'm trying to indentify myself as Giselle, please understand that I am not trying to do so because I only want to post my idol's pictures here.
All I want to say is that there is someone here whom I think is pretending to be Giselle (lol) the story actually goes like this so! I was about to change my username to aerichandesu which is Giselle's Instagram username but I couldn't because someone already had that username so I searched the account and found it lol and I went through her (I think is a she) profile and then saw her bio and bro it seemed really funny because she said she was a member of aespa lmao!!
Its kinda weird to face it so I'm just tryna tell you guys to NOT trust some accounts