K-netizens compare Bang Si Hyuk's kind treatment of LE SSERAFIM to alleged ignoring of NewJeans' members' greetings


The latest buzz in online communities and the Korean entertainment industry is regarding the ongoing feud between HYBE and ADOR. Particularly, the recent allegation that Bang Si Hyuk had ignored NewJeans members when they greeted him.



On May 13, one member's parent went as far as to accuse Bang Si Hyuk of deliberately ignoring the group's greetings.

As per the parent's account, a member of NewJeans confided in them, revealing instances where Chairman Bang allegedly ignored her greetings on multiple occasions at the company. The parent explained that one member greeted him in the elevator, which would make it impossible for him to have missed her greeting. Yet, he allegedly didn't acknowledge the member and went on to ignore her the whole time.

With the latest accusation of Bang Si Hyuk's poor treatment toward NewJeans members, K-netizens directed their focus on the chairman's treatment towards another HYBE girl group - LE SSERAFIM.

Since their debut, it was well known that LE SSERAFIM had received much love and affection from Bang Si Hyuk. In particular, the group name 'LE SSERAFIM' was created by Bang Si Hyuk himself. 

Articles highlighting LE SSERAFIM's name being created by CEO Bang Si Hyuk.

One netizen shared that Bang Si Hyuk had driven to LE SSERAFIM's popup store to personally deliver merchandise, just in case the store was running short. 


Translation: "The store opens at 10 AM but there's a 40-hour wait time. However, the items sold out in just 20 minutes, causing fans to get upset and demand an increase in stock. In response, Bang Si Hyuk stepped in on the 4th day."

"He drove the van with the goods to deliver them in person..."
"Heok... Bang Si Hyuk is here... at the popup store now..."

Not only that, the netizen pointed out an interview by member Huh Yunjin. She shared that she had met with Bang Si Hyuk and talked about various topics such as her music and the latest group album. Huh Yunjin shared, "I met with Si Hyuk Nim. I talked about my contemplation, the next album, and such. Then we talked about our latest promotion with 'Easy' and he said 'I was very moved by you all this time. I was so worried even when filming the music video but then you guys changed so much when you made the comeback.' He then asked 'How did you guys do that?' and I responded, 'I don't know but I was really moved by what he said the more I think about it."


 Another netizen shared that Bang Si Hyuk had personally visited LE SSERAFIM at their practice studio to encourage them.

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