BBC documentary reveals the late Hara's crucial role in exposing the Burning Sun scandal + self explanatory of what

yall now emphasizing her -_-?? whereas before yall hating her cause she's just "pretty"


For y'all don't know about the "Burning Sun" basically there a club that are s*xu_al and they feed on pretty, fresh women's and a member from bigbang which is Seungri was literally the worst of them all (: but anywho I feel bad for all those womens who got dr*gged and r word, from the very beginning they really should'nt be attending any clubs from the start -_-.  But I still support HyunA cause I trust her of knowing what she's doing. (not me watching a whole fr**king video on the Burning Sun case xD)

BBC documentary reveals the late Hara's crucial role in exposing the Burning Sun scandal

(my thoughts: im sorry Hara you've been through alot and you don't deserve these abusement's)


The recent BBC documentary on the Burning Sun scandal has highlighted the pivotal role of KARA's late member Hara.


On an online forum, netizens shared screencaps from the documentary, revealing how the prominent journalist 'Kang' discussed Hara's contribution to exposing the scandal. In the documentary, Kang recounted how Hara, who was well acquainted with Jonghun since her rookie days and had connections to Jung Joon Young and Seungri, reached out to her offering assistance.


The journalist vividly remembered Hara's initial phone call: "Ms. Journalist (Kang), this is Hara. I really want to help you out. Those guys have so many suspicious things on their phones. What you're saying is all true. What can I do to help?"


Kang asked Hara if she had any information about the group's connection to a senior police officer and if she could help uncover more. Hara then called Jonghun, seeking further information about the situation.


Journalist Kang remarked, "It was Hara who opened the gate," regarding the involvement of the police officer, which was a significant mystery in the Burning Sun case. Hara's bravery led Jonghun to reveal the name of the police officer, Yoon Gyu Geun, helping to bring the case to light.


Kang revealed, "Hara was a very brave woman. During the call, she also confided, 'You know, I am also a victim of revenge porn.'"


Netizens expressed their gratitude towards Hara with heartfelt comments:


"I am so sorry, Hara, that we could not protect you"
"We will never forget you, Hara"
"Hara was a very brave woman"
"She led an amazing life as a human being"
"I miss you, Hara"
"Wow.....what an incredible work"
"She was such a brave human being"

"And to think that those criminals are so brazen whereas she basically sacrificed herself"

"I am crying right now"
"This is shocking"

"It must have been incredibly difficult for her to talk about how she herself was a victim and that she wanted to help out because of it"

"I can't believe someone like her actually existed in this world and not just in the movies"


What are your thoughts?

Goo Hara

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