Who is your favorite JYP Company Maknae?

A company maknae is the youngest debuted artist in a company's roster at any given time. This is an interactive article so please try to participate by saying who is your favorite JYP maknae in the comment section below. Here's is JYP's timeline:

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Pearl (07/04/1980) was the first artist besides J.Y Park himself signed to JYP and therefore their first maknae.

JYP would recruit Park Jiyoon (01/03/1982) in 2000 to release her 4th album and reinvent her image to a sleek and mature sound– but she was actually the company maknae at the time.


Rain (06/25/1982) would become the new company maknae with his solo debut under JYP, but he'd hold the title for only a handful of months.

Byul (10/22/1983) would debut a week before her 17th birthday at the end of 2002. She would hold the company maknae title for the duration of her contract at JYP, and upon her departure Rain would default back to the company maknae role for a couple of months.


JYP would debut their first girl group, Wonder Girls, in 2007. Sohee (06/27/1992) was the group's maknae, debuting at age 14. She would stay the company for over 3 years.


Hyelim (09/01/1992) was added to the lineup of Wonder Girls at the very start of 2010 to replace Sunmi, and become the new company maknae in the process. She would only hold the title for a few months.

Suzy (10/10/1994) would debut with Miss A after only 6 months of training and become the new company maknae at 15 years old.


After winning Kpop Star, Park Jimin (07/05/1997) would take over the role of company maknae with her debut in 15& alongside Baek Yerin. As the name suggests, they both debuted at 15. She would carry the title for over a year.


Got7's Yugyeom (11/17/1997) would debut at the start of 2014 to take over the title, being a few months younger than Jamie. He'd be the company maknae for over a year and half.


Due to her immense popularity during the run of JYP's debut survival show Sixteen, J.Y Park would open up a slot in Twice just for Tzuyu (06/14/1999), making her the newest company maknae, although she'd only hold the title for a few months.

Jeon Somi (03/09/2001) would officially sign to JYP after finishing in first place on Produce 101 and debuting in I.O.I as the center. Even after the project group's disbandment she did several other projects under JYP before leaving in 2018.

Although older than Somi by a month, Stray Kids' I.N (02/08/2001) became the company maknae upon her departure for a handful of months before Itzy's debut.

Debuting at just 15, Yuna (12/09/2003) of Itzy would become JYP's new company maknae for several years. She was reportedly a late addition to the group and debuted shortly after her 15th birthday. She would remain the company maknae for 4 years, their longest running company maknae ever.


JYP would debut Nmixx with maknae Kyujin (05/26/2006) in 2022 to very divisive opinions. Kyujin would finally take over as JYP's company maknae, debuting at 15 years old.


Who is your favorite? Do you think JYP will debut their new boy group this year and have a new company maknae, or will Kyujin's reign continue?
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